SCI strives constantly to maintain our leading position in both local and international markets for water, waste water, and industrial valves. Our company struggles to provide high quality products with reasonable prices to the most satisfaction of customers around the world.

     In order to fulfill the vision of QUALITY VALVES WORLDWIDE , we significantly place importance on our research and development to improve production efficiency at every step of operations. Moreover with our own production facilities, SCI has contributed TQM and TPM processes through the use of advanced technology as to ensure that all products meet the qualification of international standards and committed to achieve environmental friendliness in every process of operations.


  • - The CASTCAE software is use to reduce the porosity on the casting.
  • - The COSMOS works software is used in designing and analyzing the strength in order to produce strong and durable product.
  • - The quality control system is applied in every process in order to achieve Zero Defects.
  • - Products are approved by the local and international institutes.
  • - Research and development (R&D) are continuously conducted on all current products.

Why use SCI Valves?

  • - All valves shall be 100 % hydrostatic and leak tested in accordance with all standards required.
  • - Spare parts are available up to ten years.
  • - All SCI valves are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one 1 year from the date of original shipment.
  • - We offer high level of technical support, sales support, maintenance and repair support.
  • - Consult of operation, installation, and modification of any accessories are provided according to customer’s need.
  • - After sales service is available for both domestic and oversea customers by our excellent team services.