Multiple Door Check Valve

      Multiple Door Check Valve is suitable for potable water, raw water and sewage application. It is used for large diameter pumping main with low velocity and severe backflow. The multiple doors design provide larger flow area than the bor area thus provid large body area to reduce the inertia to achieve non slam colsure.


  • Split bodies
  • Free acting recoil type
  • Non slam closure
  • No requirement for external damping deices
  • DN400~DN900 with 2 doors. DN1000 and larger with 3 doors.
  • Gunmetal body seat ring and disc face
  • Integral bypass can be supplied
  • Support leg provided
  • Epoxy Coated


  • Size: 400 mm to 1600 mm
  • Working Pressure: 6, 10, 16, 25 Bar
  • Temperature Range: -10~80 ํ C
  • Shell test: 1.5xNP
  • Seat test: 1.1xPN
  • All international flange connections and coating are available
  • Options: Bypass